Tinsel Pipecleaner Pineapple + Wreath Ornaments: Christmas in July

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 Tinsel Pipecleaner Pineapple + Wreath Ornaments: Christmas in July
Hey friends!  I love Christmas in July!  Typically it's because it's halfway through the year and thus the southern hemisphere is celebrating their cold weather during July.  The Yuletide celebration is a big deal, and even in the South, people love Christmas in July.  The reason I love it is because December gets so busy...I get swamped!  So making things for Christmas in the Summertime gives me a headstart.  Let me show you how to make some simple ornaments using tinsel pipecleaners...great activity for kids out of school too!
 Let's start with these pineapples!  You will need gold plastic ornaments and tinsel green pipecleaners...both purchased at the dollar store.  These can be found easily year round at thrift stores or Hobby Lobby.
 Use one pipecleaner and loop it through the ornament.  Twist it to itself so it makes a big loop.
 Slide the twisted part to the top of the ornament and wrap the excess pipecleaners around the top of the ornament.  Twist the ends tightly around another part of the pipecleaner.
 Take one more pipecleaner and make 3 bumps in it.
 Twist the bumps together at the bottom so the pipecleaner doesn't just pull apart.
 Then wrap the "crown" around the top of the ornament, the hanging loop will blend right in.  Twist the ends of the pipecleaner so it is tightly secured.
 Done!  Ready to hang and enjoy!
 Make as many as you want!  I love tropical elements on a Christmas tree!
 Next: Pipecleaner Wreath Ornament!  You will need 3 Green, 1 red and 1 gold pipecleaner.
 Begin with the three green ones:
 Twist the ends together.
 Then braid the pipecleaners together.
 Next, form the braid into a loop the size you want.  Twist and wrap the extra pipecleaner ends around the loop again.
 Until completely hidden and really plush.
 Then twist and wrap a red pipecleaner around the wreath to look like a fun ribbon.
 Finally use the gold pipecleaner and loop it around the wreath, twist it tight and then form the ends into a bow.  Perfect for hanging on a tree or decorating a fairy door or doll house!
Not doing the Christmas in July thing?
No worries, just pin for later!

Come back tomorrow for more Christmas in July inspiration!

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