Hand Lettering Back To School Art with Tombow!

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 Hand Lettering Back To School Art with Tombow!
I love back to school time, but not because the kids go back to school!  In fact, I'm a homeschool mom of 3.  I love back to school time because of the school supplies!  Sure, cheap school supplies are great for the kids...but I like to splurge and get high quality supplies for the teacher...aka, me.  I think all teachers would love some high quality supplies from Tombow.
 I recently became a brand ambassador for Tombow.  I love their products and have been buying them for many years, beginning with their adhesives--back when card making was off the hook in 2008!  Now they are know far and wide for their amazing Dual Brush Markers.
On Monday they released a limited time VIP box, that hopefully you bought because it sold out super fast! 
Let's use some dual brush pens to hand letter the perfect piece for a school teacher!
Press down to create thick lines on downstrokes, on the upstrokes lift gently to create thin lines. 
I know what I want to be when I grow up...younger
Perfect framed sign, paired with Tombow adhesives, Dual Brush Pens, TwinTone markers, and more!
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