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Washi Tape USA Flag Patriotic Decor!

 Washi Tape USA Flag Patriotic Decor!

This washi tape flag decor is a fabulous craft for kids and adults alike.  Make a statement with this patriotic decor in just minutes!
You will need:
Red, White and Blue Glitter Washi Tape
Gold frame with glass
Piece of paper cut a quarter inch smaller on each edge than the glass frame.
 Start by filling the blue field of the flag on the paper...my paper fit 3 stripes wide.
 Next add red stripes.  They can fit off the edges, but cut the stripe with scissors to line up firmly with the blue field.
 Lastly, add white stripes.  Some overlapping was necessary, but will vary based on the size of your paper.  I knew I wanted to start the top with red and the bottom, and the stripe right under the blue field should be red too.  I worked on the flag upside down.
 Then use scissors and trim all the excess washi tape from the edges.  Use some tape to adhere the flag to the center of the frame, right on the glass.
 Hang it up and enjoy the patriotic vibe!  Such an easy craft--this could be easily adapted for kids of all ages to put together.
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