Painted Rock Ideas: Lava Hot Rocks with Crayons!

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Painted Rock Ideas: Lava Hot Rocks with Crayons!
I love painting rocks.  I usually use craft paint and end up with things like this or this.  However, these lava rocks are super fun and a great summer craft for older kids and teenagers!
The sky is the limit with creativity.  The crayons melt and there isn't much room for detail, but the shape can dictate the design as well.  Let's get started!
You will need:
Oven, oven mitt, paper towels
Find a wonderful river bed and snatch up a tray full of rocks.  Personally I love river washed stones, the smoother, the better.  Place them on a tray and put them in a preheated oven at 350* for 20 minutes.  This will make them HOT!
While they are heating up, remove the wrappers from a bunch of crayons.

We used kraft paper on the table as well as paper towels at each station.  Use an oven mitt to place one rock at each station.  Remind the kids that the rocks are lava hot!  Then let them touch the waxy crayons to the rocks and see what happens!
The wax melts instantly into a fun way to quickly paint a rock.
Because the drippy nature of melted wax, there is not a lot of room for detail, but it is mesmerizing to watch.
Create a marbled effect by adding piles of color in the center.  Adding white makes a big difference too.
The wax will continue to melt for a while.
Super clever to turn the triangle shaped rock into a little pepperoni pizza slice!
Once the wax cools, spray with a clear coat and they are ready to decorate the yard!
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