Gold Gilded White Ceramic Painted Pineapple DIY!

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Gold Gilded White Ceramic Painted Pineapple DIY!
The pineapple craze has been right up our alley.  My teenage daughter loves pineapples, all things fact, she has a youtube channel with funny videos with her friends called The Pineapple Guild.  So we gravitate towards pineapples around here.  I was in a fancy store not too long ago, maybe Downeast or Anthropologie (maybe both), and I saw a white ceramic pineapple with a gold gilded crown.  I knew I could DIY it because I had this pineapple tumbler:
You will need:
Pineapple Tumbler
(My Pineapple was from (affiliate link) Oriental Trading about 2 years ago, they don't have them anymore...but they have this one and this one)

White Spray Paint
Liquid Gold Leaf Gilding (from Plaid)
Place the pineapple on a piece of cardboard for spraying.  Make sure the temperature is not too hot or too cold outside or the paint will crack.  Lightly spray the pineapple.  Hold the spray paint 6 inches from the item and lightly mist.  Let the paint sit for 10 minutes and then spray again.  Then let the pineapple sit for a few hours.
Once painted it will already look like a chic home decor decoration!
Let's kick it up a notch with some gold leaf!  You will need a round paint brush.
Just paint the gold leaf right on the top section of the pineapple, the crown.
Let it dry completely and admire!  I love the shiny gold with the white ceramic!
Perfect for little treats on the entry table or sitting on the desk!  I love the classy look of this updated pineapple!  Be a pineapple, be sweet on the inside and wear a crown!

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