How to Build a Wooden Tool Box DIY

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How to Build a Wooden Tool Box DIY
So last Summer, my husband and son developed a new talent...blacksmithing!  They took an apprentice class and built a home forge...but one thing they needed was a tool box for toting their hammers and punches from home to other sites.  My hubby quickly designed this tool box to fit their needs.
It's amazing but not patterned.  So if you are looking for inspiration, this is a great place to start.  These are a fun design for Cub and Boy Scouts.  They are made of simple pine boards.
There's one base, 2 long side, one top handle and 2 smaller sides.
My husband designed these for their forge and had them laser etched from an outside company with the forge logo.
Okay, so here's the hand tools used by my husband, Mike, to make these boxes.  He did all the fine details by hand to ensure a precise fit.
He measured and measured and measured.  He used the power of math to figure out how much and where to cut on each side for the perfect dove tails.

He also made 8 boxes, so he got really proficient at making them.
Here's the puzzled edge pieces, ready to fit together.
Dove tails were also reinforced with Elmers Wood Glue Max.
Then it is just a matter of fitting the puzzle pieces together to form the tool box.
Gluing, fitting and gently pounding with a white rubber prevent cracking.
Because of the precise measurements, the pieces fit together very snugly and perfectly.
Fit the small sides to the base, then the handle...then fit the two long sides on the base and small sides.
If by chance there is a crack, just use the wood glue and glue it back together.  Looks closely at the handle piece, it has 2 slits cut in it...they are for fitting the handle in snugly in just a second.  They are crucial.
Next, fill the handle opening with wood glue and have a pine shim ready.  Remember those cuts on the handle?  Here's where we use them.
Place the perfectly measured wedge shim in the handle slits and hammer gently into the space until they fit tight and snug.
Repeat for the other side.
Then use a saw and cut the shims off close to the box side.
Use a grinder to sand down any rough edges...or use sand paper!
Perfection!  You can see where the handle was split twice and filled with shims.
Let the glue dry completely.  Sand all the edges.  It is ready to paint, stain, doodle, wood burn or torch! 
Fun to fill with craft supplies too!
They look awesome and professional...even though they are rough and distressed.

My son loves blackened wood, so he took a torch to his to blacken the edges.  Perfect for all his tools.
Sorry I don't have a pattern, but hopefully it can be used as wonderful inspiration for your wood tool box project!
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