Moana Inspired Tamatoa Shiny Cupcakes!

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Moana Inspired Tamatoa Shiny Cupcakes!
Spring and Summer time is the perfect time of year to host a tropical Luau party.  Why not make it Moana themed?  These little cupcakes are cute and easy to make!
Begin by making or buying a simple batch of cupcakes.
Then melt some white candy melts and pour it in a piping bag.
Pipe out hook shapes on a silicone baking mat.  Let them cool and harden completely.
You will also need some gold sprinkles or some gold color mist spray and some edible eyes.
Frost the cupcake and dip the frosted top right into a shallow layer of gold sprinkles.
Add some color spray if desired (didn't seem to make that big of a difference)
Then top the cupcake with the hook and 2 eyes...and maybe an edible flower.
Perfection.  Super easy to make and great for serving at a Luau or Moana themed party!
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