Watercolor Rubber Stamp Calligraphy DIY

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Watercolor Rubber Stamp Calligraphy DIY
I love to adorn my house, fridge, desk and walls with motivational mantras!  They are so fun to make and good reminders throughout the day.  Let's make some super simple ones!  I did this technique with a group of twelve 8-11 year old girls and they loved it.  Everyone was successful and came home with a unique and lovely piece!
You will need:
Watercolor Paper
Dr. Ph. Martins Watercolor inks
Plastic zipper bag
Spray bottle of water
Flower Rubber Stamps
Memento Black ink
Painters tape
Gold Pilot Pen
White Gelly Roll pen

Begin by cutting your watercolor paper into the desired finished size, like 5 by 7.  Then use painters tape to secure them to a suitable work surface.
Next you'll need the inks, plastic bag and the spray bottle of water.

Drop bits of watercolor right onto the plastic bag.  Drop Teal, Yellow, Magenta, Green and Violet...
Then spray the watercolor paper lightly with the water.

Gently pick up the plastic bag filled with ink...
And turn it over right on the paper.  Press down with your hands to get the ink to run around in the water.
These vibrant inks do not lighten much when they dry, so the colors remain super bright and fun!
Lift the plastic off and let them dry.
Use a paper towel or a baby wipe to clean the plastic and start again.
If you want to make a wreath, drop the ink in a circle shape.
Press down for a fabulous wreath!
I love how easy this technique is for watercoloring.
Let the paper dry completely...you can speed up the process by using a blow dryer.
After they are dry, get out the rubber stamps.  I love flower stamps and have way too many of them.  This set is a Close To My Heart set and I love the outlines of flowers.  Just fill the stamp with black ink and press on the paper.
You can line up the stamps to match the background paint slightly, like I did with this green leaf.
Then use a white gelly roll pen or a gold pilot pen and letter on your mantra or quote.
Life is easy.  This is one that my daughter was instructed to repeat when she felt aggravated...and I think it helps!
The gold looks beautiful and the white is amazing!  I love how it masks all the paint and ink from underneath and just looks white. 
Add some highlights or other fun details.  These would be great handmade cards, just fold in half and write on the inside.  Add a sentiment too!
Put them in a fancy picture frame to remind you to enjoy the journey!  The bright colors are so reminiscent of springtime and the new life that comes each year.  I am ready for more daylight and beautiful flowers peeking out of the cold darkness of winter!
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