Mini Pallet Calligraphy Flower Painting!

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 Mini Pallet Calligraphy Flower Painting!
Hand lettering is lots of fun and easy to do!
Give it a try with this mini pallet art!
Let's start by making a pallet.
 You will need:
5 boards measuring 2.5 by 8"
Elmers glue
Use the Elmer's glue to glue the sides of the boards together, face down.
 Then glue the last 2 pieces the opposite direction on the top.
 Once turned over it looks fantastic!
Let's get out the paint!
 My yellow paint exploded!
Haha, but get lots of fun colors.
I am using Plaid Crafts Apple Barrel paints, I was sent them at no cost.
 Use a paint brush to paint big loose circlular petal/flower shapes.
These do not need to be fancy or intricate.
 Add some yellow centers after the bulk of the paint dries.
Add some green leaves too!
 Let them dry completely.
 Then add whatever lettering you want with a paintbrush!
I have some lettering tutorials you can search out here.
 Thick downstrokes and thin upstrokes.
 Makes a great older kids craft too--maybe a fun craft for a party!
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