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Metal Print from Nations Photo Lab: Ogden LDS Temple

I received product from Nations Photo Lab for this post.  All opinions are my own.
 Metal Print from Nations Photo Lab: Ogden LDS Temple
Hi friends, it's Natalie here (like always), sharing something fun I discovered.  If you know me, you'll know that I don't like buying the same art that anyone and everyone else has.  I don't like stock photos.  I have more of an eclectic style...I love things that don't go together.  I love to shop at thrift stores for this reason.  I'm artistic and I think I should make the art that hangs in my home.  I like to know that I am the only person on earth that has this exact thing.  So, we were in need of a photograph of the Ogden LDS temple...but I did not want the same picture as everyone else.
 So last year on the 24th of July, my husband and I had to build a parade float for our city parade.  As we watched the parade, the entire city was closed down and not a sole was on the temple grounds.  I snapped the PERFECT picture.  I felt like this was my reward for doing the parade float.  The sky, the clouds, everything was perfect.
I had a METAL PRINT made...yes metal!  This is the coolest option I've ever seen for prints.  They come in a huge range of sizes.  I picked the 16X24 in a landscape.  It arrived expertly packaged and protected.  The back has a foam mount about 1/2 inch away with a hanging hole.  This is cool because the print hangs a 1/2 inch off the wall, just like a canvas would.
Nations Photo Lab also does wood prints, canvas, books, cards and other photo gifts.
 The finish is glossy and shiny!  I am thrilled and love how this turned out.  I love that I have my own unique photo of the temple, that no one else has.  But also, I love how professional it looks!  No one comes in my house and thinks I took the picture myself--they ask where I got it!  Yes--victory!
 These metal prints would make an awesome family picture, a favorite vacation spot, or the ultimate wedding photograph.  Do you have a picture that needs to be made special?
Look how funny the picture above looks...that bouquet of flowers is the bouquet my daughter caught at my sister's wedding.  I love how it just screams SPRING!  Apart from the fact that it is real--it looks super photoshopped in my picture!  Like I stuck a stock photo right on top.  Haha, too funny!

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They have fantastic sales and promotions regularly!

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