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Craft Room Tour: Doodlecraft #keepingitreal
Do you have a fun crafting space?  We have lived in many different houses and situations in our nearly 18 years of marriage, but one thing is the same: crafting space.  My husband and I are both huge into projects.  We love making, building, carving, renovating, crafting and mess making!  So a crafting space is a no-brainer for us.  Instead of just taking you on a craft tour of my current space, I'm going to show you a few houses and how we made our project space work.

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Years ago we ran our own business and lived in my in-law's basement.  We had a good amount of space but kept all the craft supplies in our bedroom.  It was large enough for a table and all my craft supplies packed in a wardrobe, the closet and under the bed.  Not a lot of space for clothes, but priorities, right!?
 We moved to North Carolina and rented a house.  It had a decent sized formal dining room, which we lined with shelves and bins and filled with craft supplies.  It turns out, the room that holds all the fun crafting the room where everyone likes to hang out!  We had 3 computers set up for the kids to do school work.
 Then we moved to Alabama.  We turned the dining room into the office, with all the computers and chairs.  We had an extra bedroom that I converted into the craft room.  It was big, spacious and had wonderful, natural light.  Here's the problem.  I was hardly EVER in there.  It's hard to leave your family to go to a secluded room to craft by yourself.  I started using it as a supply room.  I'd get the supplies I needed and then take them into the living room and craft with and around my family.
We got these Billy Bookcases from Ikea and they survived all the moves!  They are set up for the last time in this house...I don't think they would last through another move.  They are wonderful for all the supplies I could need.  We've lived in our current home for 2 years now--and still love it.  We had an extra bedroom upstairs and it has become the craft supply room.  It's got a table for sewing, but otherwise, I only craft in the family room.
Just get the supplies I need from the craft room and then head into the family room.
I have a huge lighted desk that is in the living room where I work, right next to my computer station.  The couch, TV are in there too...along with a workstation for each of my kids and my husband.  We all hang out together all the time.  It's the best!
It's changed a bit since this picture, but we love it.  There's a place for everything and everyone.
Okay, so that actually means...that the craft room looks like this a lot.
Extra piles of stuff.
Boxes from Amazon, piles of things to do, stuff to organize later...and a box of Christmas and Halloween stuff that needs to be taken to the loft.  Anyone else have a space like this?
Every year in the Spring I do a big yard sale and get rid of piles of excess junk, projects and things we have outgrown.  I am stockpiling things to sell, gift and giveaway in this room.  Please tell me I am not the only one with a "hoarder" room...???
I think it's clear that I need my craft space and I love it.  I'm just excited to get it cleaned out and organized again!

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Unknown said…
This is going to sound silly, but I am in love with your 'little northern girl' portrait. It's my favorite part of your wall space, and I LOVE it. I want to find the whole set....
Doodlecraft said…
Isn't it the best!? My sister and I had the whole set in our bedroom growing up. This one was always my favorite, so it's now mine.