Layered Snowman Winter Scene Paper Craft!

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 Layered Snowman Winter Scene Paper Craft!
Make an adorable little wintry diorama out of paper that will be great decor all winter long.  Crafts made of paper are my favorite.  They are inexpensive and a great way to decorate on a budget.
 Supplies needed:
Darice Star Shadow Box
Circle Paper Punches (1″, 7/8″ and 3/4″)
White, Red, Green, and Kraft Cardstock
Darice Mini Top Hat
Mini Hot Glue Gun/Sticks
Darice Decorated Sisal Tree
 Punch 5 circles in each of the 3 sizes.
 Hot glue each stack of 5 together so you have a very sturdy snowball.
 Then hot glue the snowballs together to form a delightful snowman.
 Use a scrap of red paper to make a scarf and hot glue the little top hat right on top of its head.
 Now for the scene.  Trace the bottom edge of the star on some paper, cut them 1/4 inch smaller and tweak as necessary to fit snugly inside the star base.  Cut 3 pieces of paper and give each of them a different slope across the top.
 The back paper should have the highest hills.  Then the next layer should be hot glued in the middle of the shadow box.  The front with a low slope and hot glued in place.
 Next cut some brightly colored triangles for trees and kraft paper trunks.
 Hot glue the trees together.
 Hot glue the trees on the hillscapes in the box, planning where the little snowman is going to go.
 Hot glue the snowman on the base of the star and hold in place until it cools and holds its place.  Now it is ready to hang on the door, snug in a wreath, sitting on the entry table or even as a tree ornament.
 Looks great with the little decorated sisal tree.  I love the non-traditional colors of Christmas.
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