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At the end of the year and starting the next, we are inspired to be more organized and efficient with our time and space (like a fresh new Tardis).  I love organizing and rearranging, but dislike just cleaning.  So I'd prefer to rearrange everything and clean and dust as I go.  I think I feel like rearranging and decluttering after Christmas because seasonal decorations start to feel like clutter to me.  Here's some helps you can print off to get you going.  If you prefer a calendar approach, this one can be use perpetually.  Really, you can get a handle on things if you keep up with this each day.  Small and simple tasks, one per day, to get you back on track.  Just start on the day you are ready and continue through the calendar.
Right click to save image and print off--Personal use only.

If you would rather print out a checklist, I've written this up for you.  Just print and check off one or more per day.  Don't let yourself get overwhelmed, just stay consistent.
I'm excited to get things organized during 2018!
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Here's some other fun ways to get organized!

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