DIY: Paper Poinsettia Driftwood Wreath

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 DIY: Paper Poinsettia Driftwood Wreath
I love bright red poinsettias.  I was able to go to Venezuela in December during my senior year of high school and saw fields of poinsettias in bloom.  It was astonishing!  This wreath is a fun combination of textures and is very simple to make--perfect for all winter long.
 You will need:
Darice Driftwood Wreath Form
Darice Poinsettia Dies
Gold Metallic Ribbon
Paper cutter
2 shades of Red, 2 shades of Green and Gold Cardstock Paper
Die Cutting Machine

Hot Glue/Gun
Micro Glue Dots
(pictured red berry picks)
Let's get this project started.  To begin, use a paper cutter to cut all the paper the desired width for the die cutting machine.  I cut strips big enough for the poinsettia dies.
Make a sandwich for cutting with your die cutting machine.  Stack the board, paper, die, top board, etc and roll it through the machine.  Cut each shape in 2 color shades for variation.  Cut enough to make about 15 blossoms.
Proceed to stack the flowers together with micro glue dots.  Add leaves to the backside of the poinsettias so that the texture shows from the top of the flower.
In the meantime, get that hot glue gun heating up so it will be ready to glue everything to the wreath.  Glue the gold metallic ribbon on the backside of the wreath form.  Then wrap it around the wreath over and over in like manner with uniform spacing.  Then cut and hot glue the ribbon on the end.
It looks lovely.  I love the texture of the wood, shiny metallic ribbon...and next, the paper.
Just dab a bit of hot glue on the backside of the poinsettia flowers and stick them on the wreath.  The juxtaposition of the driftwood and the delicate flowers is perfection.
Now it's a simple as hanging on the twine that comes on the driftwood wreath.  Perfect for hanging all through January too!
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