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Creative Books You Will Love!

I love crafty and creative books and here's a few you will love too!
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Fun and Friendly Calligraphy for Kids

I love calligraphy and lettering books and this one is definitely my favorite!  I love the creative styles and the encouragement to find your own style.  I don't consider this book just for kids!

The Art of Drawing Optical Illusions

I got this book for my son, who loves optical illusions.  It's a great book for kids that draw differently and want some logic and brain power in it.

Extraordinary Hand Lettering

This book is full of amazing projects done with a hand lettering angle.  Way cool and perfect for a skilled hand letterist.

The Oriental Trading Calendar for 2018
This calendar is $5 and gives you loads of coupons and special discounts to use all year long!
I loved my calendar last year and used it daily.  It lists all the fun special days too--like Rubber Duckie day! (January 13th)

Here's some more creative, crafty and fun books you will love too:

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