LEGO Cakestand DIY

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This post spotlights Lego.  Affiliate links included.
LEGO Cakestand DIY
Last April I was able to attend SNAP Conference for creative bloggers.  It was such a great experience and guess what!?  Lego was there!  
 This is Paul, he is a Master Builder!
 He taught about 400 women how to build a Lego cupcake stand!
They are adorable and I just have to post the instructions so I will never lose them.
This Lego creativity box is a great way to get started:

If you are ordering pieces for it Lego sells pieces brick by brick
Here's the bricks you will need:
Six 2x10 brick
Five 2x6 brick
Four 2x4 brick
Two 2x2 brick
Four 1x6 brick
Four 1x8 brick
Four 1x4 brick
And then you'll need some other bricks for decorating the top of the cakestand.
Begin with Four 2x6's and Four 1x4's.
Place the 2x6's inside the 1x4's.
Then use the other set and stack on top the opposite direction.
Like this.
Then stack the 2x4's on top stacked the opposite direction.

Then stack the last 2x6 and Two 2x2's on top of that.

Stack Two 2x4's on top the opposite direction.
Now the top plate:
Three of the 2x10's right in the center of the 1x8 and 1x6.
Then stack the exact same pieces on top in the opposite direction.
(Now I know why Lego only has pictures and doesn't try to describe each step with words)
Stack the base tower onto the top plate.
That's the structure!
Then you can add pieces to decorate the top!
I dug through our pile of Lego pieces and found enough pieces to make 2 more cupcake stands.  I decorated them with flowers, arches, angle pieces, bright colors and cute minifigures!
Oh ya, if you have flat pieces, you just need 3 of them stacked to make one brick!
This was a must on my cupcake stands.
Perfect for darling little cupcakes!  These would be cute at every place setting for a party!
I love the odd bricks and all the strange pieces used to make these.
They look cute with flowers and funny mini-figures.  We went to a local store called Brick and More and made custom Lego figures...and this cute baby with a top hat!
I love this Unicorn minifigure.  I got her from a blind bag a couple years ago.  I searched long and hard to find it!  Have you ever felt up every blind bag in the hopes you'd find the minifigure you were hoping for?
Get a blind bag Lego Minifig here
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