8 Bit Geekery Perler Bead Wreath DIY

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8 Bit Geekery Perler Bead Wreath DIY
I love perler, melty or hama beads.  They are so much fun to use and melt.  They just scream 8 bit with their pixel like image.  I thought I would take advantage of that and make a Geek inspired wreath.  Or make a fabulous Christmas wreath.
You will need:
Giant perler bead board
Green perler beads
Colorful perler bead
iron/parchment paper

Build the wreath on the big board, it's a little tedious but the size is awesome and impressive!
Making a hexagon shape first with the green beads for an even outline.
Then fill in.  The 1000 green beads were not quite enough, so we mixed other shades of green.
Once the board is full, get the parchment paper that came with the board...or get a piece of parchment to fit.
Iron on medium/high until the beads melt down slightly.  Then flip it over on the table and place another piece of parchment on top and iron the other side until melted together slightly.
Now make all kinds of additions to the wreath.
I did a big bow and holly berries.  Use the parchment paper to melt together the pieces and repeat for the other side.
Then hot glue the additional pieces onto the wreath outline.

My 9 year old son did a Link from the original Legend of Zelda.
Adorable, right!?
Once you start making perler bead pieces, it's kind of addicting and never ending.  So I had my kids all make pieces for the wreath.  Bits and pieces from Minecraft and Zelda to make it geektastic and geek chic!  I love how it turned out.  It is easy to hang on a command hook.
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