Unicorn Halloween Popcorn Box Blog Hop Party!

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 Unicorn Halloween Popcorn Box Blog Hop Party!
I am part of a huge blogger Halloween popcorn box decorating party!  My little popcorn box decided she wanted to dress up like a unicorn for Halloween and I couldn't be happier!  Even though this blog hop is Halloween themed, this Unicorn box is a great way to give gifts and goodies all year long.
I received a fun bundle of stuff to decorate my box with, all from fabulous sponsors.
But I decided to break out the colorful felt and make a darling unicorn.
I used white felt and a hot glue gun to cover the box.
Glued an additional piece to the front so the red and white stripes wouldn't show through.
I cut 2 felt ears...
And glued them in the center.
I cut strips of the colorful felt about 2 inches wide and 9 inches long.
Then added some hot glue down one side.
Fold it in half
Then cut snips from the rounded side.  Don't cut all the way through.
Repeat for all the colors of felt and then glue them together in a stack.
I cut 1 giant black circle and 3 small white circles for each eye...some black eye lashes too and a smile.
For the horn I rolled up my extra white felt in a cone shape and hot glued it in place.  Then I took a piece of gold fabric from a scrap I had and wrapped it around the white felt.
Hot glue it in place and wrap it tight with twine.  Hot glued on both ends.
Then hot glued right on the top of the popcorn box.
And the rainbow mane glued around the horn and draped behind one ear.
It's adorable!  Don't you think it is just the cutest?
Then I made some Rainbow Unicorn popcorn and tied some in a cellophane bag.
Just placed the bag in the popcorn box for pure perfection!
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This is honestly my favorite of the popcorn boxes! Your unicorn is perfect!
Unknown said…
This is absolutely adorable!!! Unicorns are such a big thing right now! You did some great work with the felt!