Edible Hogwarts Crest Chocolate Wax Seal Cookies--Harry Potter Week!

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 Edible Hogwarts Chocolate Seal Cookies--Harry Potter Week!
I love doing Harry Potter Week close to Halloween!
These cookies are perfection.
 A shimmery, gold Hogwarts wax seal on top of a chocolate drizzled cookie!
And, it's all edible!
Here is the full tutorial on how to make a chocolate wax seal.
 You will need chocolate.
You can use candy melts, chocolate chips, or this salted caramel melts.
You will also need a Hogwarts Crest Wax Seal Stamp.

A silicone mat, glass measuring cup, spoon...
and some butter.
This stamper was brand new...but just washing one with soap and water
 would make me feel safe enough to use it on food.  You decide.
Start by dabbing your clean finger in a little soft butter and rubbing it on this stamper.
You don't want to fill the grooves, but this will make it come off easily.
(it took us about 10 tries to get a good system down...)
Then stick the stamper in the freezer for 5 minutes.
Melt the chocolate or candy coating.
You want it to be smooth and mixed, but not super melted.
Place a daub on the silicone mat and let it sit for a while.
Watch it until it is harder but hasn't set firm.
Then take the stamper from the freezer and press it on the top of the candy.
If it isn't firm enough, it will smoosh all the way to the silicone mat...and it's disaster.
Just wash it off well and start over.
Let this sit all freezy for about 15 seconds, then gently lift.
Hopefully you will have a perfect candy seal!
I love that it retains all the details!
I misted them with some shimmery gold food spray.

Not necessary, but I love the shimmer!
I drizzled some milk chocolate on these peanut butter cookies...
like this store bought cookie hack I did last year.

Nothing too fancy...and easy!
Then put a glob of milk chocolate (or nutella)
on the backside of the "wax" chocolate seals...
And stick them on the cookie!
Perfect way to celebrate a Harry Potter party!
Isn't that the coolest!?
I love it!
Edible chocolate wax seals!
Fancy Hogwarts crest to eat!

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