Doctor Who TARDIS Stained Glass Vase!

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I received this product from Plaid Crafts.
I love their products and received these at no cost.  All opinions and ideas are my own.
 Doctor Who TARDIS Stained Glass Vase!
Isn't this the coolest vase in all of time and space?  Yes, I think it is!
It's a simple diy and will impress anyone you give flowers to.
You will need:

Tall square-ish vase (You know these square ones...they are like a dime a dozen at thrift stores because they are the default vase for flower bouquets.)

Gallery Glass and Liquid Leading from Plaid

So I measured it and stretched out this line drawn Tardis to fit.  You may right click and save off the image to use on your own if you want, personal use only, please.
 Print off the image and cut around the edges.
 Use some clear tape to adhere the image inside the vase.
 Then begin by using the liquid leading to outline all the black lines.
 It comes out in a steady bead pretty easily, just trace the lines.
 Sometimes the corners can be messy.  Go slow.
 The windows became too fine of detail for the leading, so I improvised a little.
 Then let the liquid leading dry over night.
 After it's dry completely, you will need the gallery glass.
It comes in a huge variety of colors...but this Tardis just used royal blue, white pearl and clear glitter.
 Begin with the blue and fill in the spaces.  Use a straight pin to pop any bubble that form.
 It fills to the edges of the leading very easily, again take your time.
 It doesn't have to be perfect, it will dry much more translucent.
Fill in all the parts and let it dry again, overnight.
 After completely drying it looks amazing!  Like a fabulously geekified stained glass!
 Just fill with gorgeous flowers or candy and deliver it to the geeky love of your life!
Or use it as fabulous home decor!
Make these Crepe Paper flowers easily with this tutorial.
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