Pineapple Stamped Shirt DIY!

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 Pineapple Stamped Shirt DIY!
Pineapples are so fun and trendy right now.  They scream tropical paradise...and my daughter just loves them.
 To make this awesome colorful pineapple shirt, you will need a little bit of prep work done.
Did you see my Handcarved Pineapple 2 part Rubber Stamp set DIY last Friday?
 You'll need some Speedball carving rubber and the carving tools.
Then it's a breeze to carve!
Now that your stamps are carved, they are ready to mass produce masterpieces.
You will also need Plaid's Fabric Creations Fabric Ink.
This fabric paint is a dream.  It dries soft and wonderful.
I used real yellow, aqua, lime and hot pink.
 You will also need a palette big enough for your stamps.
Pour some paint in the tray and dab your stamp in it.
 Then lightly dab it on paper and then press onto the shirt.
(that has a piece of cardboard inserted between the shirt layers)
 Then wash the stamp with warm water, pat it dry and then use the next color!
 After you add all the colored pineapples you want, repeat the same process for the green tops.
 Some of my pineapple are horribly overlapped, but you know, I like it!
This is a great craft for kids, about 8 years old and up!
 We had a cute friend come over and make one too!  She used all 3 colors at the same time and ended up with a really amazing rainbow color pineapple!
 Awesome, right!?  Your choice!
 Let it dry completely for 24 hours.  Then heat set with an iron and pressing cloth.
Easy!'s soft and wonderful.
Enjoy wearing!
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