Handcarved Pineapple Red Rubber Stamp!

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 Handcarved Pineapple Red Rubber Stamp!
Pineapples are so cute!  They are so trendy right now too.  This rubber stamp is sure to come in handy!
Just right click to save off this design I sketched.  Personal use only please.
You will need:
Rubber Carving block

Carving Tools

Print out, pencil, x-acto knife

Use the pencil to cover the backside of the pattern.
Place the charcoal covered paper right on the rubber.
Use a sharpened pencil to trace the lines of the pineapple.
Lift off the pattern for a pencil drawn image on the rubber.
Now get the tools ready.
Start by using the x-acto knife to cut the base and top of the pineapple apart.

Use the smallest of the carving tools to trace around each line.
The inside of the shapes are the parts you want to keep.  They will fill with ink and leave a perfect impression.
Use the different size of tools to remove the excess rubber from around all the outlined shapes.
Use the x-acto blade to cut away the outside edge of rubber.
Use caution!!!  One wrong move will ruin the stamp!
Once carved, just use tape to adhere to a clear stamping block.
Stamp it out a few times on simple paper.
Look closely at the impression and see where it needs work.
You can see where I needed to do some more cutting...where I nicked a piece on accident and where some debris stuck to the stamp.  (2 of those issues are fixable!)
Fix any parts that need attention--then stamp away!
I love the brightly colored pineapples!
And believe me, you'll see this as the star to another project soon!
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