DIY: Wood Training Swords!

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 Wood Training Swords!
These are some fun training swords my daughter made for her brothers for Christmas.  These are fun to beat and bang around.  I love to encourage my kids to go outside and play.  We've even had neighbors comment that it's nice to see kids outside playing, since it's so rare.  Sad, isn't it?
Things like these sturdy training swords are just the things to get the kids playing outside.
If you are worried they will just fight each other, set up a task or obstacles for them.  We love filling old milk jugs with water and letting the boys slash at them...setting up soda cans or similar things on a bench and having the kids hit them down one at a time.  Challenging them to focus on just one target at a time and not being reckless.  I am a big believer of letting kids learn to use things (like tools, weapons or even make-up) instead of just saying no.
 These wooden swords are covered with leather scraps on the hilt...a great sewing project to teach hand stitching too!
 Just draw and outline the shape of the desired sword.
 We used a bandsaw to cut the shape.  Jig saw's are great too.
We used pine boards, but they are not as sturdy as plywood would be in this case, fyi.
Then sanded the edges.
 Next we used scraps of leather to cover the hilts.
 A square of leather to fit snuggly around the hilt.
 Punch holes on both sides, so you can lace it up like shoes...
Then thread with thick cord.
 Thread until nice and secure.
 Repeat the same process for each sword!
 Tied either up the side of the sword up the center.
 Then let the play and the training commence!
My boys love playing around the yard battling.

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