Great White Shark Fin Cupcakes!

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 Great White Shark Fin Cupcakes!
These are super simple to make and a fun dessert to serve while you enjoy Shark Week!
I love simple cake decorating...I mean, you are just going to eat it, right?  No sense in putting loads of work into edibles.  That's why these are perfect, they are simple and quick!
 You will need:
White melting wafers
Piping bag
Blue frosting
Other frosting decor
 Melt the chocolate and pour into a piping bag.
Then pipe out shark fin shapes on a silicone baking mat.
Let them cool and harden completely.
 Next, mix up some blue frosting.  I just added a couple drops of blue food coloring into some store bought frosting.  Easy.
 Add frosting and the shark fin on the cupcakes.
I used little frosting flowers to help the fins stand up straight.  Plus they are cute.
 Now they are ready for some serious shark action!
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I love easy food ideas!
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