Be Happy & Smile Magnet Memo Board!

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Be Happy & Smile Magnet Memo Board!
I love magnet boards.  Since having my third child (when I was 28), my mind has never been the same.  He's 8 now and I tell him he took all my brains.  It's true.  The other day he told me "If you had a super power, it would be forgetting things".  Truth.  My 8 year old does not lie.
Anyone else have this issue?
So memo boards, lists, calendars, etc are my best friends.  I love this one.  It's the perfect size for memo's, notes, announcements and other important to-do lists.  
You will need:
Wood Magnet board from Hobby Lobby
Brushed Metal and Pickling Wash paints from Plaid Crafts
(and some other incidentals)
Let's get started!
Pickling Wash is new and's a thin nearly transparent paint that gives it a wash/stain like finish.  Comes in a variety of fun colors.
I coated the wood in Cottage White.
It's very thin paint that just brushes on easily.
Once coated it looks great...subtle and wonderful.
I love being able to see the wood grain through the paint.
Next you'll need some river washed stones.
(we got them out of the river)
Story time:  When we lived in North Carolina, I could not find river washed stones anywhere...they just weren't part of the landscape where we lived.  Lots of fun jagged edge rocks though.
Are there smooth stones where you live?
Use some painters tape and tape off half of the rock.
Then use the brushed metal paint in brushed gold, brushed pale silver and brushed dark gray to paint the rocks.  Go over them at least twice.
Let them dry and then remove the painters tape.
Next use E6000 to glue some magnets on the back of the rocks.  Let them dry at least 4 hours.
I love encouraging reminders.
Be Happy & Smile
I need this daily affirmation.
(right click to save off, personal use only please)
I had my cutting machine cut this thought out of vinyl.
Then weed out the inside of each letters, the positive space.
Cover with transfer tape.
 Remove the backing and place on the slat sign.  Press down the vinyl firmly and securely with a scraper tool.
 Peel off the transfer tape.
 Then fill in any close spaces with painters tape.
 Use the same Brushed Metal paints from painting the rocks and a stencil brush.
Dab the paint on the spaces.
 Use painters tape as needed on "close to other color" places.
 I used the dark gray and the gold for the sign.  I love the happy in gold!
 Remove the tape and vinyl when dry.
 Add the magnets and your new memo board is ready to remind you of all those special occasions you do not want to miss!  I love using the Brushed Metal paints with the metal of the magnet board.  A match made in heaven.  I love mixing metallics!
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Unknown said…
What a fun way to keep track of things! Love the painted stones, and stenciled quote! Looks fabulous!