Make Your Own Minecraft Skin Blanket!

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 Make Your Own Minecraft Skin Blanket!
Okay, my daughter loves Minecraft.
It's easy to let kids spend hours a day playing video games.
Some days I insist they learn other, it's sewing.
I told her I was going to teach her how to make her own Minecraft skin.
She was thrilled because she likes customizing her character...let's just
say after I told her it was actually a blanket, she was a little disappointed!
So this is the perfect way to teach young adults how to sew.
Tell them you are helping them make their own Minecraft skin.  
They love it when you speak their language.
Minecraft Blanket!
And a piece of fleece backing...slightly larger than 60 by 80 inches.
I let my daughter lay out the bandannas to make a pattern she likes.
just having to sew 12 squares is so much simpler than doing a massive amount of patches.
This is why this is so good for someone starting out.
It's a reasonable amount of sewing to feel confident, but you can get it done in a day or two.
That equals success for a first project!
I showed her how to put the right sides of the bandannas together and just straight stitch them.
With a backstitch at the beginning and end.
Then add the next one.
Do all 4 rows, then connect them by rows.
(More details on Bandanna quilts on this post)
Then lay it out and trim threads.
Place it right on top of the fleece backing.
 Put a safety pin in the center of each bandanna.
Then sew the layers together.
I just had her stitch straight down each row and seam.
So she made 3 stitches and then 2 the long way.
You can get as creative here as you could put on a machine quilting
foot and do all sorts of patterns and crazy stitching!
 After sewing the rows, fold the edges over the top of the bandannas twice and then pin.
Sew around the entire blanket.
Then trim the threads and remove the safety pins!
 Such a success!
This is a perfect project to build confidence in sewing!
 Great for handmade gifts!
 Great for late night snuggles!
And really, it's the perfect skin while playing Minecraft!
Enjoy keeping warm and basking in your newly learned skill!
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