How to Make Your Own Snuggie Blanket!

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How to Make Your Own Snuggie Blanket!
This little guy asked for a snuggie for Christmas.
He has trouble keeping his blankets on him while he
he explained why a snuggie would help him stay warm all night.
 His older sister was determined to get him a snuggie.
But we decided to make one instead.
We had a piece of thick fleece and set to work.
 We cut two pieces for sleeves, about 20 inch squares.
 Just sewn straight down one edge.

With 2 circles drawn on the blanket part, about 18 inches from the top...
and about 22 inches apart.  We tried to center them as good as possible,
but mostly just eye balled it.
 Then used scissors to cut the circles out.
 Fit the sleeve inside the blanket hole...and lined up evenly.
 Stitch them around the circle.
 And sew both sides.
Fleece is wonderful and doesn't need the edges all hemmed...
just stitch the sleeves and done!
 This is a great project for a beginner sewer.
Crazy blanket perfection!
Even better than you can make it yourself!
I love a great DIY project!
 He was thrilled and has used it every day since!
No joke, every day!

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