Doctor Who Inspired Wire Wrapped Steampunk Jewelry Pendant!

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 Doctor Who Inspired Wire Wrapped Steampunk Jewelry Pendant!
Totally subtle, but you'll know you are looking geek chic!
 I love doing geekery inspired crafts.   This necklace is simple and easy to make.
It doesn't scream sci-fi but it has a hint to the Peter Capaldi opening sequence!
So it's got the cogs and gears and the little bit of TARDIS blue!
I got these fun Jewelry making supplies from Oriental Trading!

 You will need:
Blue Briolette Bead
12 inches of gold wire
28 inches of gold chain or necklace
Cogs and gears
jump rings
jewelry pliers

 Find the center of the wire and twist in a little loop.
 Thread the ends of the wire through the bead, in opposite directions.
 Pull them in evenly and tightly to the bead.
 Fold one wire over to the other side.
 Slide them up to the top of the loop and wrap around
 the top and down to the top part of the bead.
 Just tuck in the wire ends or wrap them tight against the bead.
Now open up a jump ring with the pliers.
 Hook the gears to the bead and close the jump ring.
 Thread the chain necklace through the jump ring and link up the chain.
 Wear it!
 Perfect necklace for a Doctor Who enthusiast!
I wish the blue was a bit brighter, but they look great especially in the light!
 I love the rose gold too, no gears, just simple.
Both are awesome!
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