Doctor Who Inspired: Tardis Damask Pattern Scarf

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Doctor Who Inspired: Tardis Damask Pattern Scarf
My daughter just turned 13!  She is a teenager!
I love to see how much she's grown up on my blog.
She is so patient.  I am constantly making her model for me and my silly creations.
She is funny and artistic.  I love her!
  I designed a Tardis Damask scarf!
On Vida
(they have high quality base products, artists add their work so that people can purchase their unique items...I was sent one of my scarves to review, I had to pay for the shipping, about $10.  Worth it.)
I designed the Tardis damask print myself and Vida does the work making it a scarf.
 It is modal and super soft.
It's comfortable and perfect for Spring, Fall and Winter Weather...
even Summer if you live somewhere cool enough!
I love Geek Chic, I love sporting my geekery and just seeing who notices
that it's really a Doctor Who inspired piece!
I also love things that not everyone else in the world has or can just pick up at the local mart.
I love unique geek crafts, and it shows.
 Check my geekery tab.

 It's got my signature on it on the bottom corner.
It's quite large and fits this fun table like a tablecloth!
It's approx: 30" by 86"
 I love wearing it...but since I am the photographer and not the model,
this is usually what I end up with when I ask my kids to take a picture.
 So instead, I'll photograph my daughter.
The scarf is soft and breezy.
 Perfect for a larks head or a fancy way to tie it off.
Check out this scarf tying video I did for Sherlock week here:

I love scarves!
You'll love this one too!
Buy it here today!
Perfect for a breezy Spring day!
Buy yours here!

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