DIY: Make Calligraphy Pens Oblique Holder Part 2

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DIY: Make a Calligraphy Oblique Holder Part 2
Calligraphy pen holders are so much fun.
When you start doing Calligraphy, you suddenly have the urge to collect as many
as possible.  So making them is a very fun way to build that collection.
I love the natural wood sticks with color blocking paint...
Using paint from Plaid Crafts
I love the distressed paint with gold leafing while the
 knotty cherry wood is still showcased!
So many options for fun and unique nib holders.
Check out the Part one for making a Calligraphy Oblique Holder
This will walk you through the flange making, gluing and 
supplies needed for bare wood holders.
If you do decide to paint and decorate, do this step before spraying with lacquer.
You will need acrylic craft paints.  I get all my paints from Plaid Online.
All their fabulous supplies are available at crafts stores and Walmart.
Use a paintbrush to paint your sticks.
Small detail brushes for delicate work or wide flat brushes for color blocking. 
Next I used gold leaf for a couple of the pen holders.
You will also need the Adhesive for the gold leaf

And 2 paintbrushes.
Paint some adhesive on the holder where you want the gold.
Just dab a little glue here and there.
Let it mostly dry.
Then place pieces of the gold leaf on the adhesive.
Press gently.
Use the other paintbrush to dust away excess gold leaf.
It's such a fun process, you'll want to gold leaf all the things!
After painting and working your magic on the holders,
use some painters tape to tape off the flange completely.
I used some air dry clay and a donut box and stuck the flange in each glob of clay.
This way I could spray the entire holder without dripping and glopping or sticking to the surface.
You will want your spray lacquer now.

Lacquer is thick and shiny.
It will give a smooth gloss finish that is luxurious to hold.
It will also protect the wood from soaking up ink.
Spray in at least 50* F weather.
Lightly mist, so it doesn't drip or pool.  I misted mine every 20 minutes about 5 times total.
Let dry overnight.
Discard the clay, as it is now been lacquered!
Remove the tape from the flange.
Add a nib and get writing!
Perfect for fancy lettering, calligraphy and just because they look amazing!
I love the natural wood and the paint or gold leaf!
The combination is great!
I love some of them more than others.
Which is your favorite?
Now you have all the steps for creating glorious pieces of art
and useful writing utensils!

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