Pineapple Succulent Planter!

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 Pineapple Succulent Planter!
Such a darling little plant, the perfect gift for Mother's day!
It only takes minutes to make!
Minus the paint drying time, it takes 15 minutes or less!
 It's part of Craft Lightning Mother's Day crafts!

 I lucked out.
I walked into my thrift store and there was this perfect diamond patterned votive holder!
It was 50 cents and perfection.
Here's a DIY idea if you can't find one like mine...get any little
glass votive holder and use a hot glue gun to make a diamond pattern on it.

You will also need a little succulent that looks like the top of a pineapple.
This one is a Haworthia fasciata variegata.
I got it at home depot for less than $4.

This amazon one is similar!
Tape off the inside of the candle holder.
Bust out your favorite gold paint.
I love Rust-Oleum Metallic bright gold!
(it's cheaper at a store, but it can be shipped too)

Put the votive holder down on a piece of paper or cardboard.
Mist the spray on the outside of the glass.
Wait 20 minutes and repeat the spraying.
These 2 coats were perfect for coverage!
Let the paint dry.
It was a warm day and only took about 30 minutes to be ready to pot.
Fill the base of the votive holder with pebbles,
this is for the drainage.
Then gently pop the plant out of the pot.
I had to remove some of the excess soil.
Press into the votive holder.
Use a pencil eraser or something to press in around the succulent.
Keeping all those beautiful plant tentacles sticking up is imperative!
Mist it with a spray bottle until the soil is damp.
Succulents need water, but are still drought friendly.
Mist with a spray bottle each week.
They love the sun too!
Pineapples are all the rage and this little planter is adorable!
Such an easy craft and makes a loving gift.
Add a tag with a clever pun or saying!
"You are a pineapple!  You are sweet and wear a crown!"

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Angie Holden said…
Love that metallic gold!!
Xayide2 said…
Yup! It looks like a pineapple. :)
Sharon said…
This is one of the cutest things ever! Thanks!
Cindy deRosier said…
Oh my gosh - I love this!