Fluffy Rain Cloud Pendant Light!

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  Fluffy Rain Cloud Pendant Light!
It's cute and fluffy!
Great for a fun prop, a light in the nursery or kids room, a study on the weather,
decor for a party or shower, or just because it's awesome!
I used a color changing light bulb for maximum awesomeness.
 You will need:
Paper lantern
(got my 18" white lanterns from Oriental Trading in the party section!)
Cotton stuffing
Hot glue/gun
Pendant light kit and bulb
 You'll need lots of glue.
I used all but 3 of these big hot glue sticks.
 I made only one.  The package came with 6 18" lanterns.
They are big.
They would be great decor for a big party or celebration...in the nursery or child's bedroom
or in the living room, it's that awesome!

Set up the lantern with the wire.
Get your glue gun good and hot.
Surprisingly, I did not get any hot glue burns during this project.
 Add a scribbling of hot glue onto the paper lantern.
Then gently press a flattened out section of cotton onto it.
 It is light and wispy.
 Repeat process over entire lantern.
 Then go back over and glue more fluff over any parts
that show the wire mesh through the cloud.
 All covered and looking great!

Take a pendant light and a bulb and hook it on the lantern.
Let the bulb hang in the center.
LED lights are great because they don't get hot, so the lantern is safe.
 I used some rainstick lights for some rain.
This is great for an April Shower's theme...or a baby shower!
 I love the colors too.  You can set the bulb to hold at a certain color, so
a cute cotton candy party would be a breeze!
 Such a fun piece and easy to make!
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