Calligraphy Mantra Chalkboards!

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6:00 AM
 Calligraphy Mantra Chalkboards!
 I got these simple chalkboard frames from Oriental Trading.
I used a white chalk board marker and set off to
write 3-5 word mantras on each chalkboard!
 Here's some good ones:
This too shall pass, Count your blessings, I am amazing, I've got this,
Just keep swimming, This too shall pass, I can do hard things, Come what may,
Love is the answer, Keep it simple, I am strong, Don't Panic, it is what it is,
Don't worry, be happy and
May the Force be with you!
Here's a sped up video of the process...with my hand in the way, of course!
Super fun!
These are chalkboards, so if you don't like how it turned out,
Wipe it clean and start again!
 Great for gifts and to remind yourself of the little things that keep you going!

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