Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Cookie Pops!

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Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Cookie Pops!
Chocolate Dipped Oreo Pops with Roses!
Perfect for an enchanting Beauty and the Beast Party.
 Personally, I don't like to spend my time making pretty food.
It's just going to be eaten and then the pretty will be gone.
 I love to see what other people can create, but it's not worth it to me to
 spend my time making cute food.
These little rosebuds are super duper even if you are not a cake decorator,
or if you are 8, they are totally easy to make!
Here's what you will need:

DOUBLE stuf OREO...if they aren't double stuffed, they aren't thick enough for the sticks.
I haven't tried mega stuffed, but I think they will be too much cream and it might not stay together.

You will also need chocolate to melt
Red and green candy melts (I toned down my green with some white)
and lollipop sticks
 Gently press one lollipop stick into the Oreo cream.
Go slow as it will displace the pushed up cream.
 Stick the Oreo's in the freezer for about 10 minutes.
While it's in there, melt your dipping chocolate.
Chocolate melted in the microwave can burn and curdle if you aren't careful.
Melt for 30 seconds at a time and stir in between.
 Dip the Oreo's in the chocolate.
The lollipop sticks make this part so easy!
Place on a piece of wax paper.
Stick them in the fridge to let them set up.
 While the chocolate is setting up, you can melt the candy melts.
I used part green and part white for a more pastel colored leaf.
 Place a zippered sandwich bag around a cup and fill the inside with the melted chocolate.
Make sure it's not too hot, let it cool a little first.
 Remove the air and zip the bag.
Then push the chocolate to the corner.
Use scissors to snip the tiniest corner off.
 I snipped too much and mine came out a little fast...just a tiny snip is all it needs.
You can practice on the wax paper to gain confidence.
Just make a wonky leaf shape on each cookie pop.
 They aren't fancy, but are perfect!
Place them back in the fridge.

Clean your container out and melt some red candy melts next.
 Repeat the process.
This time I snipped off much less of the bag.
 It comes out of the bag in a ruffly ribbon!
(best part of using the bag is the clean up...just throw it away!)
 Just make a big ruffly blob!
Let them set in the fridge again and enjoy!
 They are so darling.
They are definitely roses, but don't take all day to sculpt every petal.
Great for teaching kids how to decorate!
 Super cute and the perfect Enchanted Rose Cookie Pop!
So simple that anyone can do it!
Great treat for a party tablescape or candy buffet!

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