Tardis Blue Invitations for Doctor Who Party!

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 Tardis Blue Invitations for Doctor Who Party!
The best way to ensure a great Doctor Who party is the invitations!
Haha, but they can't hurt!
Snail mail is always fun too!  Great for a Doctor Who loving geek!
 Remember season 6, The Impossible Astronaut?
I hosted my first Doctor Who Week on my blog back then.
Now I have over 100 Doctor Who crafts and geekery!

So this is kind of a throwback craft...but when you are dealing with
Doctor Who and all of his space travel,
there's really not such a thing as a throwback!
 So, a glamorous TARDIS blue envelope with a smattering of cool stamps!
White writing and some cancellations!
 All of the Doctor's favorite and closest friends were invited to witness his death.
And then he shows up! Super fun and clever twists!
 So, I decided to recreate them for my party.
I used:

Blue Envelopes

Dr. Ph. Martin's Bleed Proof White ink

Dr. Ph. Martin's Copper Ink

White Cardstock
Pacific Point Stampin' pad
Oblique calligraphy holder and Nikko G Nib
Tardis Stamp
You can make your own with this tutorial here
Or buy one here
I cut the cardstock into half and halves again.
So they measure 5.5 by 4.25 inches.
Then stamped the TARDIS on the center in blue ink.
Next, I used copper ink to write the party information on the TARDIS.
If you aren't up to Calligraphy, you can write it with marker over the top.
Then write on the envelopes in the white ink.
The samples from the movie are not in Calligraphy, so you can always just use
a white pen and write your information on it.
Then stick a bunch of stamps on it.  If you are truly mailing these,
go into the post office and tell them what you would like and they
will help you get small stamp increments and mail them.
I just hand delivered mine.
These stamps were in my husbands grandpa's collection.
I did a quick eBay search to find that they weren't worth my
 time to list and sell, so I am using them for art!
Super cool right!?
Great for snail mail any day of the week!

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