DIY Sonic Screwdrivers or Lightsabers!

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 DIY Sonic Screwdrivers or Lightsabers!
Okay, in conjunction with the Doctor Who week, I thought designing some
fun Sonic Screwdrivers would be awesome!
The trouble is, they turned out looking like Lightsabers from Star Wars!
Either way, they are in the geek fandom world.
 And lit up they are wonderful!
 I got these fun supplies from Oriental Trading!
Fiber Optic Wands
And Black and Silver Duck Tape

Okay, the fiber optic wands all arrived NOT working.
My husband used a tiny screwdriver and opened the battery case,
fiddled with the batteries and got them all working.
 Next the fun.
Just using black and silver Duck Tape to decorate the hilts!
 Pieces wrapped around the hilt and layered.
Just don't cover the button.
 They look awesome!
They do totally look like lightsabers...let's be real.
 And they look so much cooler than the original!
They are perfect for party favors.  Imagine inviting over a bunch of little
Padawans or mini Time Lord's for a birthday party and letting them
 each decorate their own!
 We turned off all the lights and danced around.
No sword fights...just fun twirling and spinning!
 They are so much fun!
I love sci-fi geekery!

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