Cinema Lightbox DIY Letters and Words!

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 Cinema Lightbox DIY Letters and Words!
 I just love these cinema light box signs!
They are so fun and easy to use!  They come with loads of letters and shapes.

They can run on 6 batteries or plug into a usb/wall adapter.
Great for parties, holidays and more!
But I wanted to make some custom letters.
I used a laminator machine and a thermal pouch.

I love my laminator.
I got my Scotch laminator about 5 years ago, and since they've upgraded.
But they are fabulous!
Just laminate one pouch with nothing in it.
This makes a thick enough layer for cinema letters.
The cinema letters are 2.5 inches tall.
I cut the laminating pouch into 2.5 inch strips.
I wrote out Happy Birthday in calligraphy.
Scanned it into the computer and had my Silhouette Cameo cut it out of black vinyl.
Then I used transfer tape to transfer the vinyl to the plastic strip.
Placed on the plastic and rubbed well.
Then peel back the transfer tape.
Slide in the cinema light box for perfection!
Repeated for the birthday.
You can write whatever words or letters you want or need!
I love it!
Great way to decorate for birthday parties, holidays and
much more!
I love it!

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