Valentine DIY: Minecraft Necklaces!

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 Valentine DIY: Minecraft Necklaces!
We love Minecraft in this house...and nothing says tween Valentine's day fun
than fuse beads and a little party!
These pixel pal plushies are so much fun!
 I used these cool Minecraft pixel like bandanas for fun backdrops.
they make great placemats at Fuse bead party!
We'll use them in an upcoming post too!
 We love these giant pixel shopper bags too!
 I thought they would be great for favors, but they are huge!
They are sturdy and great for shopping.
 You will need:
Fuse Beads in many colors
Large fuse boards
Rose gold chain necklaces
jump rings

(We'll use those acrylic gems on a different post)
We used a large board and made a sword and a heart.
Pixel shapes are so much fun.
 Use ironing papers (or just parchment paper)
and gently iron the top.
 Then carefully flip over leaving the ironing paper.
Then cover with another sheet of ironing paper and iron gently again.
 Let them cool completely.
Then use jump rings and hook them through a hole on the melted plastic.
If you melted them too much, just use a pin to poke a new one.
 Then hook them on the chain.
 Get creative and make all the fun things from Minecraft that you love!
 We had a group of tween girls over for each of them to make their own!
With a shopping bag and a pixel pal to take home and enjoy!
 Fun way to celebrate Valentine's day!
With pixel jewelry!!!
Do you know anyone that just loves Minecraft?
They will love making these pieces in real life!

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