Sherlock Week! Leather Journal DIY!

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 Sherlock Week!
Leather Journal DIY!
It is Sherlock week here at Doodlecraft!
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas.
Sherlock, the new season of BBC's epic series, comes out on January 1st!
Let's celebrate with 5 super geeky crafts!
 If you haven't watched Sherlock,
It's a fun twist on the old Sherlock Holmes books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
They are detective based mysteries set in modern days.
Like how the old school books could be interpreted today!
Dr. John Watson, instead of writing for the paper The Strand, has a blog!
There are 3 seasons (3 Ninety minute episodes each season) and they did a fun feature last New Year's Day, The Abominable Bride.
Anyways, let's craft.
 I got a blank journal book from Oriental Trading.
They are cheap and the paper is similar to newsprint, but fun for a craft.
I also used scrap leather (purchased in a bundle at Hobby Lobby)
Rubber cement, snaps and setter, and gold adhesive foil/adhesive pen
Rotary cutter and cutting mat (or scissors)

let's DIY!
 Cut the leather to fit the journal plus 1/4 inch on the top and bottom.
The length should be enough to go around the entire book and to the center.
Mine measures 6 inches by 11 inches.
 Cut it to fit your dimensions.
 Next use a snap setter and some snaps.
Set a snap right in the center of the leather flap.
Put the book inside and think through the right direction for the snaps to work.
Haha, I did my first one wrong.
 Plastic snaps are lots of fun.
 They work on fabric and light weight leather.
 Setting the one in the center of the book is easy.
Just do the edge one first, then fold it around the book and make a mark
where it lines up, then put the top of the snap there.
Next use the rubber cement and coat only one side of the leather and the book.
Let the rubber cement dry.
 Then press the cemented sides together.
 Then repeat for the other side, but do not put any rubber cement
on the spine area.
Rubber cement the leather and the book cover and let them both dry.
Then press together.
 Leave like this, if you like...
It's fantastic and cool looking!
 I used an adhesive pen and wrote the famous
221 B address on the flap.
It is reminiscent of the front door to the apartment on Baker Street.
I also used gold foil that adheres to glue and leaves the gorgeous foil!

 Write it with the pen and let the glue dry completely clear.
 Place foil gold side up and rub on the leather.
 Let sit a minute and then peel back the foil.
 Looks awesome!
I love gold foiling!
 Perfect for mysterious musing!
 Any fan of Sherlock will love it!
Come back tomorrow for more Sherlock crafts!

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