Sherlock Week: 221B Baker Street Key Necklace!

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 Sherlock Week: 221B Baker Street Key Necklace!
I love Sherlock!
Everyone knows his address and loves it.
 Make an adorable house key necklace proclaiming your love of the popular fiction!
 You will need:
an old house key
Metal stamp letters and numbers.

Sturdy pounding surface & hammer
(and a teenage son is pretty nice too)

Set the metal punch where you want it on the key.
Hold in place tightly...this can cause some frustration,
so this craft is not recommended for lightweights.
Then pound the metal stamp with the hammer.
Multiple poundings can cause the stamp to slip, so one hard hit is superior to several hits.
Keys are harder to punch than soft copper using washers to practice on is smart.
Once pounded in they look pretty good.
But they need some depth.  So use a sharpie and draw over the lines.
Really press the sharpie deep into the grooves.
Next, use a magic eraser (dry) to remove the sharpie on the surface of the key.
This will leave the sharpie deep in the groove.

Next I used ball chains and linked chains that I had on hand.
Then used a jump ring to hook them to the chain with pliers.
I love them!
This antique copper one is my favorite!
Now you are an official key holding member of the
Sherlock fan club!
Dr. Watson would be proud!

Come back every day this week for more Sherlock fun!

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