Red Ribbon Bowties! Easy DIY!

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 Red Ribbon Bowties!  Easy DIY!
This is a fun and simple way to make bowties.
This would be great for little matching choir ties, Christmas ties for the bows and a hair bow for the girls, Great for a Doctor Who themed party or just a fun addition to the Christmas tree or garland!
 I used Offray Ribbon.
They sent me this in exchange for this post.
You will need satin ribbon in red (or whatever color you desire)
Each tie will need 10 inches of 2 inch wide and 1.5 inch of .5 inch ribbon.
 I measured and cut a bunch of 2 inch ribbon into 10 inch lengths.
 You will also need hot glue and gun.
 And pin backs or clips.
 Take one 2 inch strip and make a zig zag of glue in the center of the ribbon.
 Fold the edges into the center and press gently into the glue.
 While the glue is still warm, gather the center line with your fingers.
 Then place a dot of glue on the center gather and place the 1/2 inch ribbon on the dot.
Then wrap it around the entire bow and glue it down.
 You can use scissors to press the glue into the ribbons.
This way you wont get burned.
 Hot glue the clip or pin-back on the back of the bow and wear with style!
Great for anything that needs a bow!
Get lots more Ribbon inspiration at Offray Ribbon on Pinterest!

Great way to decorate a Doctor Who themed tree!

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