Handpainted Moroccan Lantern!

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Handpainted Moroccan Lantern!
This fun craft idea posted at Oriental Trading Blog about 6 months ago.
I love updating simple items to give them a whole new look!!!
Make this amazing and glizty decor piece with a few simple items for Oriental Trading.
Great summer craft idea for outdoor entertaining!
Makes a darling centerpiece too!
 You will need:
Flat Head Screwdriver
 First, use a flat head screwdriver to carefully bend back
the prongs holding the glass panels inside the lantern.
 Mix 1/2 of the blue pot of glitter paint and 1/2 the pot of green 
together to make a glittery teal.
Lightly brush it over the inside of the glass.
You can repeat for the other 3 panels as well, or use a mix of colors!
 Next, remove plastic from the tubes of fabric paint.
Don't forget to remove the seal inside the tip as well.
 The paint should flow easily and freely from the tip.
Do not over squeeze, as it's possible for the tip to blow off of things like this.
 You can draw out a pattern with pencil or just start making fun shapes and dots.
 Do the bulk of the pattern in gold and then go in and add colors like jewels.
 Just dot and dash away.  It is very fun. 
 If you make a mistake, just use a damp paper towel or baby wipe to wipe it off.
If it's a tiny mistake, use a damp cotton swab.
 It comes alive with all the colors!
Keep adding.  Most Moroccan Lanterns are way over the top!
So go for it!
Once the glass panels are dry, secure them back in the lantern.
 Then continue the decorating right down the front of the lantern,
 on the glass panel as well!
Take all the time you want and decorate with colorful mandalas all over the lantern!
The pillar candle was too tall for the lantern, so I cut a few inches off and lit it inside.
I love the soft glow through the colorful glass!

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