Daily "Random Acts" Service Advent Calendar and Printable!

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Daily "Random Acts" Service Advent Calendar and Printable!
I love December, I love Christmas, I love thinking of others.
There is really such a change in the air.
People are 'generally' kinder.  (minus Black Friday and our frenzy for accumulation)
But there is a very sweet atmosphere around the holidays.
I try to encourage my kids to do secret service for others throughout the year...but 
it is a little easier in December.
 I love to be able to do service.  It is easy to feel like we can't serve others without spending money...
so I compile ways to serve others that take little (like a stamp) or no money.
 Here's some ideas:
Write a note
Leave a note or treat for the mail carrier
Donate gently used toys and clothes to charity
Say thank you more
Put some motivational notes up in public restrooms or on mirrors
Play a game with someone
Leave a secret not for someone to find
Sing a song to brighten the day
Compliment someone you see today
Offer to babysit for free for someone
Make cookies for the neighbors
Smile at everyone you see today
Shovel or do yard work for a neighbor
Take a thankful note to a teacher
Help clean the house without being asked
Call a customer service number just to say thank you
(we like to pick the numbers on cookie or cracker boxes)
Pick up litter outside
Make a list of 10 things you are thankful for
Write a note and leave it under someone's pillow
Give someone a hug
Message 3 people a genuine compliment
Call and chat with someone that might be lonely
Do a random act for someone in your house
Put your phone or media down
Be Present
Tell a joke or make a pun
Do the dishes and sing link you are in a musical
Leave a nice comment on the internet
Do something to make someone smile
Do a small service for someone
Be Awesome.

If you do these kinds of things all month long, it will
be a much more meaningful holiday season.
Happy December!

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