Nativity Christmas Story Animal Costumes!

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Nativity Christmas Story Animal Costumes!
Great for a Christmas play or Halloween!
These are great for last minute too!
These are great for the Christmas story.
 They are easy and simple to make.
They would also work for Halloween Costumes!
You will need one yard of fleece and a headband.
I cut off about a 4" strip of the fleece to make the ears.
I used fluffy white fabric for the floppy lamb ears.
I wrapped the ears around the headbands and hot glued them in place.
I also wrapped thread around them and tied them tight.
They need the ears placed fairly low on the headband...try it on and see where they look best.
The shirt just needs the fleece folded in half the long way
and a very subtle "U" shape cut out of it on the fold.
Because the sides are just open, these are a one size fits all!
Small kiddos to large kiddos wore these in the church play.
Then slip the head through and tie the waist with some twine.
Add the ears for instant animal!
We made barnyard animals for the Nativity scene...
but wouldn't a fox, panda or puppy be adorable?!
So fun!
And, I have the most wonderful children to model for me regardless of their age!
Get creative!

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