Gold Paper Crane Necklace!

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Gold Paper Crane Necklace!
This delicate little necklace is so fun--it's origami!
First off, I got this awesome gold foil paper from Angel Crafts
 at a discounted price in exchange for this post.
They sell on Amazon and have fabulous craft supplies like vinyl, transfer paper and more!

It is a huge roll of thick metallic gold wrapping paper!
It is heavier duty than a lot of wrapping papers and cuts super smoothly.
I cut a tiny 1.5 inch square and had my son fold a paper crane for me.
Here's the step by step tutorial to make them.
The paper is white on the other side...and super shiny gold!
Next you will need:
An eye pin
3 gold beads or so
A gold chain
A jump ring
Begin by putting the dangling beads on the eye pin.
Push the eyepin through the bottom of the crane and out the center of the top of it.
Then add the last small bead on top!
Cut the eyepin so there is about a 1/2 inch remaining.
Then use jewelry pliers to form a loop with the 1/2" post.
Attach the loop to a jump ring and hook it on the chain!
Now it is ready to wear!
I love how it looks!  It looks like folded metal!
I thought about dipping it in resin to protect it from weather and such,
but decided against it for now.
It's so cute!
I have tons of this fabulous wrapping paper left that will be used for many more fun things!

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Unknown said…
Beautiful! And it's truly one of a kind!