Chalk Paint Vs Milk Paint

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 Chalk Paint Verses Milk Paint
I tested out the chalk and milk paints from Plaid and FolkArt.
They are both very satisfying paints with not a lot of hassle and the results are incredible!
 I used 2 large wood frames from Plaid
 Painted one with one layer of chalk paint and the other with one layer of milk paint.
I love them.  Then I lightly sanded the edges on each.
 Chalk Paint:
Distresses well
Is easy to apply, doesn't need primer
Can be applied with a roller, brush or sprayer
and has an ultra matte chalky finish
Coated with wax (optional) for variety of finishes
Layers colors easily

Milk Paint:
Gets better with age and self-distresses over time
No fumes and can be washed out in the kitchen sink
No sanding required
Can be applied with a roller, brush or sprayer too
Can get clumpy, so it doesn't last as long...get it and use it.
Can be thinned with warm water and used as a wash or stain
Better for the chippy look
They are both fantastic and vibrant!
Can't wait to do more with them!!!

What is your experience with Chalk or Milk paint?
Have you used them?
Ever heard of them?

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