Chandelier Crystal Prism Rainbow Makers!

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 Chandelier Crystal Prism Rainbow Makers!
I love the refraction of light!
I love rainbows dancing and shining on the walls!
Sun Catchers!
 To make these you will need:

Chandelier Crystal Pendants

Crystal Beads

Fishing line (mid thickness)

I used round crystals and tear drops.
And a bunch of sparkly crystal beads.
Most of these were vintage from old, broken necklaces.
Just tie a piece of fishing line on the crystal and then thread the beads on.
Thread on about 6-8 inches of beads.
Then tie the top in a knot and loop the thread back down through some of the beads.
And then clip the excess fishing line.
Now they are ready to hang up and enjoy!
Great for tween and teens to make too!
I used command hooks and placed them on the window frame.
Then the beads and the crystal hang in the window and when the sun comes up in the morning...
I get sparkly rainbows all over the room!
I absolutely love it!!!
They are fun and simple to make!
Great for hanging in a car rear view mirror too!
Love sparkle!

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