Star Spangled Leggings!

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    Star Spangled Leggings!
This is the perfect last minute patriotic outfit!
Fabric paint was provided to my by Plaid Crafts.
Great for the 4th of July, but any other time of year too!

You will need:
Magic compressed sponge
Cardboard or foam board 
Razor knife
  Lay the leggings on the foam board.
Use a pencil to mark your line, then cut 2 pieces to fit inside the pants with the razor.
This just keeps the paint from going through the other side.
  Use a compressed sponge and cut a little star.
Mine is 1 inch wide, freehanded, but you can draw it on with pencil to make the perfect shape.
Or, seriously, a potato stamp works too!
 I used Plaid Fabric Creations Soft Fabric dries soft and flexible
 instead of stiff...essential if you are wearing it!
Use water to expand the sponge and a paper plate as your pallet.
 Smooth the fabric out so the material is laying as flat as possible.
 Dab the sponge in the paint and dab it on the plate a few times
to make sure it will have even coverage.
Same technique if you are using a potato stamp too!
 Place the star on the desired spot and press gently.
 Repeat.  I spaced mine like polka dots would be spaced, but random stars would be great too!
No worries if it's not completely solid, the distressed look is great!
 Let them dry completely.

 Repeat for the backside, if you want.
Let dry and then wear with pride!
Wear them with a patriotic shirt like this one!

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