Easy Succulent Planter!

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 Easy Succulent Planter!
I love the look of succulents...but can't seem to keep them alive.
So, I've discovered the next best thing.
 Succulent picks.
These were at the dollar store!
I used 4 succulents and 1 little square jar...so $5.
 I had a styrofoam ball on hand...
 Just use a knife to cut it flat on one side.
 I used a plate of pebbles from my yard...and a hot glue gun.
 Place hot glue on the styrofoam ball and press pebbles into it.
 Fit it inside the jar.
 And fill smaller pebbles in and around it,
so it just looks like a jar of pebbles.
 Add in the succulent picks, into the styrofoam to keep them in place.
 Then fill all around with pebbles.
 I love the look of these.
I think they really look real!  An occasional seam makes it obvious,
but from a distance they are just as great as the real thing...and I don't kill them.
Easy Succulent Planter!

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