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Have you heard of CORT Furniture Rental?
This is a game changer.
We have moved a lot in the last 16 years.
When we first got married, we moved to Washington.
We loved it there.  We didn't know anyone and only made friends with one or 2 families at church.
It was like an extended honeymoon.
We had some fun furniture, but when we moved, we knew we couldn't take it
 with us and so we just left it in our apartment.
We didn't get our deposit back.
We didn't have any friends to give it to, and we had to move fast.
Then we moved all around Utah.  From small apartment to small apartment.
We had some furniture that fit into one apartment, that just didn't work in the next apartment.
Then we joined the military and moved several locations across the country!
Lots of our friends moved overseas.
Can I just tell you how many times I have collected furniture and then sold or got rid of it all 
every single time we moved!??
So. Exhausting!
I WISH I knew about CORT Furniture Rental!
You can rent furniture while you need it!
Fantastic for people who move a lot!
You have nice furniture when you need it and then it's gone when you don't need it!
Um, this is also fabulous if you like to freshen your space regularly--or you need to rent a piece or two--or you are setting up a dorm space!
Rent by room, by look or just by individual pieces.
You can customize it all and they will deliver to your house!
They have so many styles to choose from, there is sure to be the perfect furniture pieces to fit you.
 When we were in the service, we had no time to get our home set up.  Our moving truck was a week late and lots of items arrived broken anyway.
 Anyone in the Military has their own experiences with bad moves too, right!?
 So, we slept on skimpy blankets on the floor.  Sat on the floor to eat. 
 My husband had to immediately get processed and start work in the new place...with only 1 vehicle, so I was stuck at home waiting patiently to have furniture to sit, sleep and relax on...with 3 children.
There were some interesting and boring days for sure!
My back hurt from sleeping on the floor.  I was tired.  I was exhausted.
Even when the truck arrived, the house was mostly empty.
It would have been so easy to work with CORT!  Pick the items I love and have them help me get them set up in my home well before the moving truck arrives with toys and clothes.  It is a great solution for soldiers that don't have time to run around and shop to get their living quarters set up before their rigorous training schedules.
Find out more at CORT Furniture Rental
and watch this video for more inspiration!

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